What’s New?

We are committed to keeping our SEO training current and easy to understand. Here is what we’ve been working on recently:

December, 2017

  • Google’s New Snippet Guidelines

    Best practice update in line with Google’s new preference to show larger meta description. o Course: On-page Optimization #Update

  • The Elevator Test

    Practical exercise to help nail your marketing message and positioning in a concise sentence or two. Course: The Marketing Mix #New

  • SEO Traps to Watch Out For

    New lesson on the most common SEO issues that catch out newbies and how to avoid them. Course: Future-Proofing Your SEO #New

November, 2017

  • The Effects of Over-Optimisation

    Search engines consider over-optimisation spam. We show you its examples and consequences so you can avoid them. Course: Future-Proofing Your SEO #Update

  • AMP Pages Canonical Best Practice

    Find out Google’s latest Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) best practices and whether they are worth the investment. Course: Advanced Technical SEO #New

  • Google’s PageSpeed Insights

    Updated tips on how to increase your score in Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Course: User Experience #Update

October, 2017

  • Get Google Search Volumes Free

    Google took away accurate keyword search volumes for non-Google AdWords advertisers. We show you how to claw them back without spending a penny. Course: Keyword Research #New

  • The Art of Thinking Sideways

    This is a biggie: we show you how thinking laterally can make you a better SEO. Course: SEO Strategy #New

  • What Makes a Quality Backlink?

    With recent search engines algorithms updates, we’ve updated our lesson on what makes a good backlink. Course: Off-Page Optimisation #Update