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If you want to conquer Google, you need to think strategically, know how to build high-quality backlinks and discover the best keywords and topics-all without relying on the Google Keyword Planner tool.

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Featured SEO Courses for SEO Specialists

Our SEO Custom package lets you personalise your SEO learning by selecting the three most relevant to your job courses. Below, we’re featuring three courses that we feel will make you a better SEO and Digital Marketer:

Advanced Link Building

Advanced Link Building

SEO Custom By Joe Williams

Strategic SEO

Strategic SEO

SEO Custom By Joe Williams

The Advanced Link Building course goes beyond the basics of understanding the importance of backlinks and their competitive analysis. Here, you’ll learn the latest link building strategies, such as how to build links without content, including in boring industries and with limited resources.

The Strategic SEO course connects the more advanced and strategic aspects of SEO together, including the latest SEO tools. Among other concepts, you’ll learn how to take advantage of click-through rate optimisation and semantic search so you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Google now uses artificial intelligence as part of its RankBrain algorithm, improving its ability to understand keywords as topics. Our Advanced Keyword Research course will teach you how to think like Google and do keyword research from a side-wide, rather than just page-by-page, perspective.

SEO Custom: Personalise Your Learning

Pick any 3 SEO Custom Courses

The previous three featured courses, Advanced Link Building, Strategic SEO and Advanced Keyword Research, are from our SEO Custom package. You get to design this package yourself by choosing three most relevant to you courses (from nine SEO Custom courses listed above). You’re free to pick three most appealing to you courses. The SEO Custom package also includes our SEO Core series of courses.

As an SEO specialist or digital marketer, you may like to take our SEO Complete package and get all the SEO Core courses, all the SEO Custom courses and three extra SEO courses.

Plus, 9 SEO Core Courses

9 mini SEO courses

SEO Core By Joe Williams


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Online SEO Training

Right now, lifetime access means exactly that—lifetime. But you need to act now to get it. Currently, we charge only a one-time fee, which includes free online updates for life. In the future, we’ll offer a monthly subscription. Take advantage of our pricing now before it gets more expensive.

Snackable lessons

Snackable lessons

Short, sweet, and extremely filling: our bite-size lessons are easy to follow and to the point.

Stay up-to-date with Google

Stay up-to-date + retrain

SEO and search engines change fast. We stay up-to-date so you can too.


Downloads: worksheets + checklists

Execution is key. Become a task master by using our downloadable PDF summaries, frameworks and action plans.


Video + text

Learn SEO by watching engaging videos and cement your knowledge by reading the summaries of the key points.


Assignments + quizzes

The best way to learn is by doing. Practice your knowledge and test it through our assignments and quizzes.

Free updates + lifetime access

Free updates + lifetime access

For a one-time price, you get lifetime access. All future updates and improvements are free with all SEO Core, Custom and Complete courses.

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